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After touring Dreamcatcher extensively, including sold out shows throughout Ireland, headlining festival circuits and his first forays to London and Paris, Jack releases it's follow up, Ivory Towers on March 8th. This summer he bucked a well-trod seasonal trend of the music industry by delivering a slow-burning, grandiose opus to radio in ‘Myth’. An epic tune underpinned by Grecian mythology, ‘Myth’ proved a hit across the country’s airwaves and showed an uncompromising side to O’Rourke and one that was daring to take his music to new and interesting places sonically. The current single ‘Ivory Towers’, currently playlisted on National radio, may well surprise listeners who think they may have Jack figured out.

It has been a compelling journey to this point, but the next phase looks likely to be the one that brings Jack to an even bigger audience. In the tradition of Ray Charles, Jack has the soul of a piano man with deep roots, yet with a sense of adventure that will see it difficult to remain in a complacent, safe place musically.  O'Rourke is fresh from emerging as a headliner at Other Voices 2018 in St. James’ Church (to be broadcasted on the television series in late February 2019), where new songs were debuted. Jack’s new EP, “Ivory Towers” will shed new light on the direction this most captivating of Irish songwriters is likely to go. We wait with great anticipation.